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My nails today are inspired by ThisFashionIsMine's guest blog post on FleurDeForce. The tutorial was amazing, and I can't wait to try it out as soon as I get my hands on a yellow polish that will cooperate with me! For now, I did my own spin on the ombre nail tutorial.  Here's my take on the trend...

The colors I used were (left to right) Funky Fingers Shatter polish in Fuchsia Scales,
Short Story by OPI, Strawberry Margarita by OPI, Italian Love Affair by OPI, and
Start to Finish top&base coat by OPI.

First, I applied the sheer topcoat.

Next, I applied two coats of Italian Love Affair, the lightest pink.

Then, I sponged on Shorts Story, a brighter pink, and I believe it 
was in OPI's neon collection last summer.

Finally, I sponge-applied Strawberry Margarita to the tips of my nails, an
almost coral color compared to the other two pinks. Apply a topcoat
and the colors will blend together and smooth out. Clean up around 
the edges, as polish can be all over the place after using the sponge.

Finally, apply the crackle! This was taken the next morning, in better light. You can
see the fading effect on the nails, and I do like the purple
crackle with the pink colors underneath. I once again applied topcoat over the crackle,
for shine. 
This nail look definitely took some time, so I'd only do it once again if I have
at least 45min to an hour as you need to let each coat of polish
dry before sponging on the new color, etc.

The main difference between my interpretation of the look, is I used similar colors to create a fading effect, whereas ThisFashionIsMine's look has two contrasting colors. I hope you enjoy and try out this look!

PS-sorry about the quality of the pictures. I broke my camera last month at a concert, and have yet to just give up and go buy a new camera! 

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