Rachel Zoe's Debut Collection: Days 1+2

Happy Tuesday! I'm sorry for no post yesterday, but I've come down with the flu and yesterday was a really horrible day. I mean, really, only I would get the flu the last full week of summer before school starts up.

Anyway, I figured I'd start this delayed week with Rachel Zoe's event for Saks Fifth Avenue where she introduces a look from her debut collection that she particularly likes. On Monday, she talked about a beautiful peacoat with striking bootcut jeans and the cutest ankle boots. The jacket and jeans are already not available online! It's not too surprising, though, considering the gorgeous look. I've been looking for a nice peacoat to invest in, and this coat is really one of the best I've seen.

Rachel Zoe - Available on saksfifthavenue.com

The second look that she talks about is a powerful grey suit that's perfect for work and also versatile, as she mentions in the video talking about the look. Again, it's crazy and the pants are already sold out in every size except 0! And this is just a pre-sale, as the items aren't out until the end of September.

Rachel Zoe - Available on saksfifthavenue.com
Check out the rest of the Rachel Zoe collection here and let me know what you think - I'm definitely a fan! I've watched countless episodes of her show, especially the past few days while I've been sick.

All photos courtesy saksfifthavenue.com


  1. Hey Cassidy!

    I LOVE Rachel Zoe, I used to watch her show all the time! I'm really lovin her new collection! =)


  2. Me too, I love her and her show and her collection and I could go on and on! Haha
    Cassidy xxx

  3. Polished and clean lines.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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