New Years Resolutions///Favorites of 2011

Happy New Years Eve! I wasn't planning on getting another blog post in, but I thought a quick blurb on my resolutions this year and looking back at 2011 might be fun.

  • My number one resolution of 2012 is definitely to stick to my schedule I made the other night. I want to get my homework done, blog, and actually try to get some sleep! Hopefully this schedule works for me, and it incorporates everything I need to get done in a day, so here's hoping!
  • Of course I also need to include the basic "eat healthier and exercise" bit! I incorporated exercise into my daily schedule, and while it's not a whole lot of time, it still gets me going. And since I'm going to be a vegetarian for one full year this February, I'd like to really spruce up my eating habits (and, of course, I've already made a schedule to start!). Something about Excel spreadsheets just make me focus and stick to my plans!
  • My third resolution is to simply blog more! At least 3 times a week... (possibly even start making videos?!)
  • Save my money! My goal is to not spend any money from January to March, where on my birthday I can spoil myself a bit and splurge on a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre!
  • This resolution is probably the most important to me, and it's to get it all together and volunteer with a program over the summer in Africa. I'd need to fundraise and spend a lot of time with this, but it's incredible important to me and something I've been organizing since September of this year! 
  • More school related, I'd like to start applying for scholarships for college because it's expensive and I'll need all I can get!
  • A beauty related resolution, I'd really like to get in the habit of only washing my hair every other day. Everyday I will shampoo, condition, apply moroccan oil, blow dry, and flat iron. And I wonder why my hair is so dull! I might invest in a dry shampoo, but for the most part, just a little baby powder and curling my hair seems to work on the second day!
  • My last (official) resolution is to appreciate more. I've seen quite a few tragedies surrounding Christmas both locally and worldwide, and I realized I need to appreciate the house and roof I have over my head. I can't take my family for granted, and I need to quit complaining over the silly little things in life!

Beauty Favorites of 2011
  • My most recent beauty favorite would have to be the Revlon Butters, I think they're great! My favorite is probably Sugar Frosting, but I also have Berry Smoothie.
  • Another favorite would have to be my Too Faced Natural Eye Palette and the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Can't wait to get my hands on the second one!
  • From NYX this year, I really liked the Soft Matte Lip Cream and the Glitter Cream Palette.
  • My most used mascara this year has to be Maybelline Volum' Express the Falsies Flared Mascara and the Clinique Bottom Lash  Mascara!

Favorites of 2011
  • Favorites... I really love that I'm in my junior year of high school, so close to being done!!
  • I had a really nice trip to New Hampshire over the summer for the first time in a few years, and even though we went to StoryLand, it was fun in the end.
  • I always love seeing my Nana and Papa over the summer, and they came up over the summer so we got to see them a lot, which is always nice. 
  • My large makeup and nail polish collection significantly grew this year, and I love it! Even though it's mostly been my own money (so I'm pretty much broke now!), I love all of my purchases made.
  • I started this blog this year! In August of this year, this blog was created and I started to blog almost everyday over the summer. I really tried to blog once school started, but with no time, it was extremely difficult to post, but now I'm back!
  • I'm sure some other things happened, but I can't really remember to be honest!
I hope you all had a great year, and I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!