Trendy Tuesdays

One of the biggest trends this fall is fur. Whether is be faux fur, rabbit fur, or fox fur, it's here to stay. Everyone has their own beliefs and opinions on whether or not to wear real fur, so I've included both real and faux fur in this post. The moment I knew fur would be big was when I watched the Gucci Fall 2011 runway show all the way back in February. The collection really took my breath away, and know fur is springing up everywhere.

Burberry London Fox-Trimmed Trenchcoat - $1995 -
Miu Miu Mongolian Fur Boots - $750 - Saks.com
Gucci Fox Fur Collar - $2990 - Saks.com
Ash Hannah Rabbit Fur & Leather Wedge Ankle Boots - $375 -
Alice + Olivia Gilda Fur Cuffed Sweater - $396 - Saks.com

The below pictures are all faux fur. Still as gorgeous as ever!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Penn Trenchcoat -$498 - Saks.com
Rachel Zoe Marianne Faux Fur Vest - $225 - Saks.com
Maison Martin Margiela MM6 Faux Fur Shrug - $425 -
How do you think you will style fur into your wardrobe this season? Boots, a bag, a scarf... let me know!


Rachel Zoe's Debut Collection: Days 5, 6, + 7

I figured I'd end this week with the last three days of Rachel Zoe's new collection. On Friday, she talked to Saks.com about her sequin mini dress - and AH, I was in love once again. This shift dress is gorgeous, I can see what she was talking about when she said it can be brought day-to-night. Out of all of her collection, I'd probably purchase this piece along with the tie-neck blouse.

Rachel Zoe Collection - Available at saksfifthavenue.com
On Saturday, the look was again completely gorgeous; a beige with leather trim cape that is my favorite I've seen so far. It's just amazing how classic, sophisticated, and glamorous a cape can look, but it's just stunning.

Rachel Zoe Collection - Available at Saksfifthavenue.com
Today's look was the most disappointing, in my eyes. With captivating looks on Friday and Saturday, I was expecting to be blown away, but this dress just didn't do it for me. The dress is pretty and definitely reminds me of Rachel with the vintage vibe, but it just doesn't seem like any special piece, but that's just me!

Rachel Zoe Collection - Available at Saksfifthavenue.com

...And that ends my Rachel Zoe rampage! I hope you guys liked this three-part post I did on the Rachel Zoe event for Saks, and tell me if this is something you'd like to see again! Also, what was your favorite piece of the seven? To refresh your memory, my previous posts are here and here. Personally, I'm really town between Days 1, 5, and 6 (the peacoat, the shift dress, and the cape). Hope you all stayed safe with the Hurricane, and see you tomorrow!

All photos from Saks.com


Shoe Lust

As all is winding down in anticipation for the hurricane tomorrow, I wanted to do a light post and share my favorite Fall 2011 Jimmy Choo shoes! Feel free to drool and add to a wishlist, these are all amazing...

Jimmy Choo Bejeweled Heel Satin Pump - $1,695 -  NeimanMarcus.com

Jimmy Choo Whirl Glitter-Toe Ballet Flats - $345 - Saks.com

Jimmy Choo April Calfskin Over-the-Knee Boots -
$1,395 - Saks.com

Jimmy Choo Briant Wedge Boots - $825 - JimmyChoo.com

Jimmy Choo Morse Leopard Flats - $495 - JimmyChoo.com

Jimmy Choo Eros Platform Shoes - $750 - JimmyChoo.com
What is your favorite shoe? I'd have to say either the Bejeweled Heel Pumps or Glitter-Toe Ballet Flats. And those OTK boots..?! Ah, I love them all!


Rachel Zoe's Debut Collection: Days 3+4

Yesterday I had to give myself yet another sick day, but I feel almost 100% today, I promise!

Today I want to go over Rachel Zoe's looks for Wednesday and Thursday. Personally I love love love love love the second look, but not a huge fan of the first.

Rachel Zoe - Available at saksfifthavenue.com
I don't completely despise this look, but if you watch the "runway" clip of the model wearing this outfit, I don't really like just how the pants come across. Nonetheless, I love the jacket and think it would look amazing with a nice pair of dark-wash jeans. I love a beige jacket, and the military style with gold buttons really does look gorgeous.

Rachel Zoe - Available at saksfifthavenue.com
When I saw this look, it only took a measly glance and I already knew I was in love. As Rachel Zoe said, " [sparkles] ... they're kind of my favorite thing ever." This cardigan is so cute, I love the white with black, it looks classy despite the risk of being trashy with so many sequins. And the blouse, well, it's already sold out. I know, I was upset too. The blouse is so gorgeous, right on trend for this fall.

Which of these looks do you prefer? Let me know!


Rachel Zoe's Debut Collection: Days 1+2

Happy Tuesday! I'm sorry for no post yesterday, but I've come down with the flu and yesterday was a really horrible day. I mean, really, only I would get the flu the last full week of summer before school starts up.

Anyway, I figured I'd start this delayed week with Rachel Zoe's event for Saks Fifth Avenue where she introduces a look from her debut collection that she particularly likes. On Monday, she talked about a beautiful peacoat with striking bootcut jeans and the cutest ankle boots. The jacket and jeans are already not available online! It's not too surprising, though, considering the gorgeous look. I've been looking for a nice peacoat to invest in, and this coat is really one of the best I've seen.

Rachel Zoe - Available on saksfifthavenue.com

The second look that she talks about is a powerful grey suit that's perfect for work and also versatile, as she mentions in the video talking about the look. Again, it's crazy and the pants are already sold out in every size except 0! And this is just a pre-sale, as the items aren't out until the end of September.

Rachel Zoe - Available on saksfifthavenue.com
Check out the rest of the Rachel Zoe collection here and let me know what you think - I'm definitely a fan! I've watched countless episodes of her show, especially the past few days while I've been sick.

All photos courtesy saksfifthavenue.com


I'm Lovestruck

Happy Weekend, everyone! Now, two weeks ago I posted my first wishlist and on it was the new 'Oh, Lola!' perfume by Marc Jacobs. Now that I've actually worn it around for a day when I went on a shopping trip, I did love it, but it's already been replaced with a new fragrance I'm loving.
Lovestruck by Vera Wang - Sephora.com - $48-$78
Can you say gorgeous?! Leighton Meester is the face of this new perfume from the gorgeous designer, Vera. I remember seeing a post about this somewhere, on either Pixi2woo or Fleur de Force, and thought it looked stunning. Once I actually saw the perfume in person and smelt it - ah, amazing! I'm really considering spoiling myself and buying the perfume tomorrow - thoughts?

Leighton Meester for Lovestruck by Vera Wang - Photo coutesy facebook.com/verawangfragrances

What is your favorite perfume right now?


Oscar de la Renta Fall 2012

Who else is in love with this campaign video? I think Karlie Kloss looks gorgeous in this Fall 2012 campaign for Oscar de la Renta. Her hair looks so pretty and the makeup looks stunning - and of course the clothes are to die for. I know a lot of people are saying that Karlie is becoming overexposed and she's not that special, but I really love her and can't seem to hate any of her work.

Do you guys have any favorite Fall 2012 campaigns? Are you over Karlie or do you still love her? Let me know!

Video courtesy youtube.com, user fashionistadotcomny


The Art of Fashion

All photos courtesy NeimanMarcus.com

In the September issue of the Neiman Marcus catalog, photographer Norman Jean Roy and model Drew Barrymore present this season's The Art of Fashion tribute. The pictures are truly gorgeous; Drew Barrymore looks stunning and effortless while Norman captures everything and delivers gorgeous photographs.


Chanel and Lanvin Paris

Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta

Michael Kors and Donna Karan

Valentino and Gucci
This has to be one of favorite editorials I've seen so far for September this year. To me, there's not other word besides stunning to describe how amazing these pictures look.

What do you all think of this editorial? Are you a fan of Drew Barrymore or Norman Jean Roy?


Trendy Tuesdays

Today's Trendy Tuesday is all about...


One of the biggest things this fall in the world of denim is to get your hands on are either colored or flare jeans. Personally, I'm more into the flare jeans trend with a good pair of boots rather than the colored jeans, but I really do like both!

Colored jeans can be easily incorporated into everyday outfits; you just need to pair it with the appropriate top and shoes. Colored jeans come in all styles, too, such as skinny, boot cut, and cropped. These jeans add a fun burst of color into any wardrobe and outfit.

Joe's Skinny Jeans in Emerald - Saks Fifth Avenue - $158

Current/Elliot The Low Rise Cropped Skinny Jeans  -
Saks Fifth Avenue - $168

AG Adriano Goldschmied Farrah Skinny Cropped Jeans in Red - Saks Fifth Avenue - $159

Another big trend in denim this fall are flare jeans. Personally, I love this throwback to the 70's and think it looks so polished with a good pair of boots and gorgeous top.

AG Adriano Goldschmied Patch Pocket Flare Jeans -
Saks Fifth Avenue - $198

TheoryShimra Cotton Bell-Bottom Jeans -
Saks Fifth Avenue - $245
What do you all think of these two big denim trends? Are you a fan or do you prefer your skinny and boot cut blue jeans? Let me know!


Splurge or Save

To save or to splurge... that is the ultimate question.

Happy Monday, everyone! Now, in this economy, money isn't exactly the best subject to be brought up and talked about. It's a sensitive subject and people are truly having a tough time just living life day-to-day, having food, or even a house to live in. If you're fortunate enough to be able to spend some extra money on beauty and fashion, money is still something that you don't exactly want to waste. Right now, I'll go over some common beauty products that you do not need to splurge on and can save some money on, and others that you may want to save up and spend some extra money on.

Eye Lash Curler
I firmly believe that you do not need to spend a ton of money on an eye lash curler. No matter how new and inventive they are, it's a beauty tool used for the same purpose no matter what. I know the new Urban Decay lash curler came out and looks really amazing, but I would honestly not spend $20 on a lash curler. I'm perfectly content with my $3 Sally Hansen curler that I know how to maneuver and get my lashes perfect with.

Personally, I have a tough time deciding on this one. I have tried both department and drug store brands of mascara, and it honestly just depends on the type of mascara you want. Clinique sells an amazing bottom lash mascara for $10, and then I use Maybelline Falsies on my top lashes. The combination totals to about $16 for mascara, which is in between the price of a drugstore and department store mascara.

Eye Shadow
Eye shadow is something I think you must definitely be able to spend a few extra bucks on. Save your money until you can buy a quality palette (Urban Decay, Mac, Estee Lauder, etc.) over just a cheap ELF or Cover Girl shadow. The quality eye shadow will last longer throughout the day, and overall be a better buy.

Makeup Brushes
Once again, I have to go with another splurge here. Makeup brushes are an investment, and something that should take thought and consideration into buying. Brushes are so expensive, that I suggest always looking online before buying and reading as many reviews as you can; go into buying them with as much knowledge of what you want as you can. For example, if you are just starting out, an angled brush or crease brush are definitely not important. Start with a basic, but good quality foundation and eye shadow brush.

Eye Liner
Eye liner, no matter what color or type (gel, pencil, etc.), is a product that I do not splurge on. Ever. Really, I just feel that eye liner is eye liner and there's no need to get fancy. Now, I know others are going to disagree with my opinions, but I feel like if you can find the right drugstore brand, you can find yourself a nice eye liner.

In an earlier post, I described my daily foundation routine, and I talked about mixing drugstore and department store foundation. Like the mascara, I'm in between on this matter. There are definitely some nice drugstore brand foundations, but I do love the feel of a nice department store foundation. This is up to a persons type of skin and sensitivity, so I can't give a real answer on this one.

So this may be an odd one out, but I figured I should include it. Now, I feel like every girl should be able to splurge once in her life on some big jewelry piece, whether it be a pair of diamond earrings or a pearl necklace, but otherwise costume jewelry is the way to go. I'm sure this goes for most people, but that's the type of jewelry I go for first! Unless I have a big night that requires heels and dressing up, I won't really wear my expensive jewelry. I'd rather play with my cheaper Forever 21 jewelry pieces on a day-to-day basis.
A one time splurge
of Tiffany diamond

What are your opinions on splurging on a quality beauty product versus saving your money and buying a cheaper alternative? Let me know in the comments below!


The Price for Pumps

This morning when I woke up I checked my inbox, as usual. The very first email I had was from Neiman Marcus, reading "Top 10 Pumps: Our Highest and Mightiest". Of course, I eagerly opened the email to see what new drool-worthy shoes were listed. I spent at least 10 minutes staring longingly at the Prada python pumps, before checking out what else was in the 'top 10' right now for pumps. I really loved all of the suede shoes and animal-prints that made this list. All in all, I loved every single bit of this email.... except the price. Now, I know it's Neiman Marcus, so I'm not looking exactly looking for bargains, but $900 for a pair of pumps? Unless I have over a million in the bank, I doubt I'll ever let myself splurge on a pair of shoes for that price, no matter the label or quality of shoe. Maybe $200 for a pair of shoes, possibly $300 if it's worth it; but that's the maximum price I will ever pay.

After that slightly depressing note, I realized I needed some new boots for the fall and some cute flats for school. Now, whether or not this is everyone's taste, Payless Shoe Store actually has some decent shoes! They definitely have some quality flats that I'll spend $30 on for school. Anyway, I started looking at the pumps they sell to see if they had any decent deals going on. And what do you know, I see at least 3 pairs of shoes that look almost identical to the $500 platforms I was just looking at from Neiman Marcus! See for yourself the near-identical shoes:

Photos courtesy Neiman Marcus and Payless

Can you tell which are the Neiman Marcus platforms?

Take the black pumps for example, the first picture is of $295 Tory Burch pumps, while the bottom picture is a pair of Komet Pumps in black for... $30! The first photo of leopard print pumps are Stuart Weitzman for $425, while the bottom pumps are again the Komet Pumps. The bottom photo of gold pumps are also Komet Pumps, but in gold, while the top picture is a pair of Dolce Vita Internal Platform Pumps for $165.  The best part about these Komet Pumps from Payless are the great reviews they're receiving. Every single review except one gave the shoe 5 stars, while the one other review gave it a 4. Now, I'm not opposed to splurging on a great pair of shoes every once in a while, but I'm definitely loving these heels from Payless, especially with the price!

Let me know your thoughts on the price of pumps and what you're willing to spend. Are you into these Payless pumps, or would you rather splurge on the Neiman Marcus platforms?


Silk, Sheer, and Sexy

Happy Friday, lovelies! I'm excited for a promising shopping trip tomorrow, so I figured I'd leave a lust-list I created while looking online for some specific clothes before shopping. One of the biggest trends this fall will be silk shirts. I'm so excited, because this is exactly my style! I've never been one for tight-fitting Abercrombie shirts, but love the looser, boho feel. Silk shirts are usually more loose-fitting and generally more comfortable and feel so much nicer than cotton. Plus they make you look amazing! Silk just seems to compliment everyone and can dress up a pair of jeans perfectly.

Also, this fall will have many sheer shirts. Silk shirts sometimes incorporate this look, or you can find some sheer button-ups that look amazing to throw over a pair of leggings. Right now I'm loving the oversized button-up sheer shirts that are slowly being sold in more and more stores.

Anyway, onto the gorgeous photos. Happy lusting!

Acne - $230 at Saks

BOSS Black - $295 at Saks

Equipment - $188 at Saks

Joie - $208 at Saks

Diane von Furstenberg - $210 at Saks
Equipment - $208 at Saks
Parker - $198

What are you all lusting over? Are you into the silk and sheer? Let me know below!