NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil

Happy Friday, everyone! Ah, how much do I love the weekend? A lot! These past few days have been absolutely amazing weather - I absolutely love it! However, I just don't even tan at this point -or burn! - I feel like I just remain pale as pale can be.

I've recently become obsessed with lip products - something I didn't even pay much attention to before. It was always just an after thought, if even that, and chapstick was always my go-to. However, I've recently been discovering some new favorites! While browsing Sephora the other day, I ended up at NARS (surprise, surprise) and I was looking at their lip pencils after hearing great reviews. I ended up choosing one of the velvet gloss lip pencils in "Frivolous".

This color is absolutely amazing! I really love the finish it gives: a natural and glossy look. The pencil is quite sheer, but easy to apply and slides on so smoothly. The best part is probably that it sharpens! I was so excited because I had just hit the end of the product, but I read online that the pencil easily sharpens. I'm going to have to do it this weekend! The packaging for this product is great as it is with all NARS products; the pencil is the perfect size and can easily slip into my clutch or bag. Overall, I have nothing bad to say about this lip pencil! It's been my everyday pick for the past few weeks since I got it and I'm so glad I decided to purchase it. I'm definitely going to stop in Sephora and check out some other shades!

Have you tried any NARS lip products? Any exciting plans for the weekend?

PS - I'm so close to 100 followers! This weekend I'm going to pick something up for a giveaway once I do so keep your eyes peeled!


Celebrity Copycat: Cara Delevingne

Photo from Google Images

Image sourced from Google Images

Lately, I have been absolutely loving model Cara Delevingne ever since I first saw her in an ad in Vogue for Burberry. Since then, I've loved all of her editorials and runway shows. Just shy of 20, she has been featured in some great ads for Chanel, Burberry, and even ASOS! 

Off the runway, I love Cara's style for when she's photographed on the streets or at events! Here is the recreation I came up with for the first photo. 

Also be sure to check out Who What Where for an article they did last year on Cara Delevingne. There, they recreated four different looks that Cara has worn!