Dreaming and Wishing

It always seems that I find the best things while broke. The other day I went up to my local mall to pick up an application for a job and walked through only two stores and was in physical pain with how much I wanted to buy. All of the shops are putting out amazing spring and summer clothes and accessories that have me literally salivating with just how much I want it all. Of course, this happens just as I'm so utterly broke that I can't even pick up a single thing. Woe is me!

Beautysets - Wishlist1
To make myself feel a bit better, I decided to throw together a small list of what I've been lusting over.

I chose two of my favorite maxi dresses I've been eyeing which you can find here and here, both from Nordstrom BP. I have to admit, I actually don't own a single maxi dress. I know, I'm just as shocked and have therefore made it my ultimate goal to find at least a half dozen lovely maxi dresses this summer. I can just picture myself wearing them this summer with some cute wedges and feeling totally relaxed and comfortable! Also from Nordstrom BP is the ombre shirt, which you can find here. I'm loving that the ombre trend is growing this year into shirts and dresses (to match my hair) and this shirt's ombre colors simply scream spring and summer. The light pink and light green are so beautiful, but not in a weird-watermelon-type way. It's so subtle and lovely, I think this should would look so pretty with a pair of shorts, like pictured.

Now, the next two items on this wishlist are all from the single online shop, Tobi. I recently just came upon this website and I'm shocked that I've never investigated into it more, as I'm completely obsessed with it. I know that my next paycheck will be dedicated to buying a number of items from Tobi, hopefully including this dress and skirt. Lately, I've loved the skater skirt look and have seen so many cute skirts appear all over, online and in stores. I really love the look of this one from Tobi (found here). The lilac color and cute cutouts at the bottom only add to the skirt, and I think that it's just an overall fun look. I also had to include a short summer dress as it is all that I live in once summer comes. I've been eyeing up this tank dress (found here) which comes in so many colors, that I feel like I'd have to buy three minimum. I can picture myself living in these during the summer with cute belts and sandals.

The last item on my current wishlist, and probably the item I want the most is this adorable sweater from Brian Lichtenberg. You've probably seen this sweater somewhere on many fashion bloggers, as many of his shirts are making their way around the blog scene at the moment (or knockoffs from Ebay). The whole idea of his shirts are basically to poke fun at designer labels, and make them into something quirky, or in my opinion, absolutely amazing. I do have to say, though, that my favorite is this "Feline, Meow" sweater, which you can find here. I recommend poking around his other shirts, as they're all really clever and I'd take any. However, with the high pricetag, this isn't the most reasonable piece to buy, but I still love it.

Now that I'm feeling slightly better finally getting all of that off my chest, I think I'm going to go browse and start compiling my next wishlist (it won't take too long). What are your must-haves at the moment? Any online stores to recommend?