Almay Liquid Lip Balms

It has been a good amount of time since I've been super curious about a product and pretty much raced to the drugstore to get my hands on said product, like Christmas had come early. However, when I simply heard the phrase "liquid lip balm" I became intrigued and wondered as to how the product worked, felt, looked like, etc. After seeing many a good reviews on blogs and YouTube I decided enough was enough and I had to purchase one. I started off with "Nudetrients"as I've currently been loving nude lips and heavy eyes. With gorgeous specks of gold shimmer, the liquid lip balm easily glides on, similar to how a lip gloss would. However, not only is it unscented and not sticky, it actually feels as though I just put on a tube of chapstick in just.. liquid form!


Estée Lauder 'Raisins' Duo

The 'Raisins' palette by Estée Lauder is an infamous palette in the beauty blog world. A gorgeous yet simple two-shadow palette became a staple in many everyday makeup stashes this past year when it was released as a limited edition. The first shadow is a flattering pale, shimmering pink color, balanced out with the deep burgundy second shadow. Highly pigmented and blended beautifully, I've yet to see this duo look anything but flawless on every single type of skin tone.