Kiss Your Elbow Nail Polish

Well, hello there! I definitely feel a bit bad for how I've neglected my blog as of late! It started out when my computer was having issues and with tech guys for a week while they went about being Fairy Godmothers and fixing all of my laptop's problems up. Then, I've been so caught up in a new project, that all of my extra time has been devoted to it! I figured since I've gotten everything set up with it now, I can go back into blogging and also introduce you all to my exciting work:

Kiss Your Elbow Nail Polish

"Broncos, Baby"

"A Drop in the Ocean"
Ahh, that's right! I've started my own little shop of nail polishes that I've been creating and working on for the past month. I'm super proud of all of the work I've put into this project and am really happy with how it's going. If you'd like, you can visit my shop (here) and also visit the Facebook page (here).

Otherwise, I'll be back with my regular posts starting tomorrow!! See you all then!