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One of the biggest things this fall in the world of denim is to get your hands on are either colored or flare jeans. Personally, I'm more into the flare jeans trend with a good pair of boots rather than the colored jeans, but I really do like both!

Colored jeans can be easily incorporated into everyday outfits; you just need to pair it with the appropriate top and shoes. Colored jeans come in all styles, too, such as skinny, boot cut, and cropped. These jeans add a fun burst of color into any wardrobe and outfit.

Joe's Skinny Jeans in Emerald - Saks Fifth Avenue - $158

Current/Elliot The Low Rise Cropped Skinny Jeans  -
Saks Fifth Avenue - $168

AG Adriano Goldschmied Farrah Skinny Cropped Jeans in Red - Saks Fifth Avenue - $159

Another big trend in denim this fall are flare jeans. Personally, I love this throwback to the 70's and think it looks so polished with a good pair of boots and gorgeous top.

AG Adriano Goldschmied Patch Pocket Flare Jeans -
Saks Fifth Avenue - $198

TheoryShimra Cotton Bell-Bottom Jeans -
Saks Fifth Avenue - $245
What do you all think of these two big denim trends? Are you a fan or do you prefer your skinny and boot cut blue jeans? Let me know!


  1. Cute, colorful jeans!

    Found you on ifb, follow back?



  2. Hey Cassidy,

    Great post about one of the most important staples in a woman's closet! I absolutely love colorful jeans - I have been lusting after a pair of bright red J brand jeans but alas, they are too expensive!

    I used to wear flare jeans in high school, although I think they look really cute on taller women, I have a rough time pulling them off, but I'm going to try nonetheless haha =D


  3. I love colorful jeans! You have a great blog, check mine out sometime :)


    With Love,

  4. Thanks Lea, I really liked your blog and am already following! Hey Kimberly, colored jeans really are cute! I have a bit of height (5'8") so I love bootcut and want to try flare so bad! A good pair of boots or heels wouldn't hurt, either. And thanks, Ria, I like your blog!
    Cassidy xxx


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