I'm Lovestruck

Happy Weekend, everyone! Now, two weeks ago I posted my first wishlist and on it was the new 'Oh, Lola!' perfume by Marc Jacobs. Now that I've actually worn it around for a day when I went on a shopping trip, I did love it, but it's already been replaced with a new fragrance I'm loving.
Lovestruck by Vera Wang - Sephora.com - $48-$78
Can you say gorgeous?! Leighton Meester is the face of this new perfume from the gorgeous designer, Vera. I remember seeing a post about this somewhere, on either Pixi2woo or Fleur de Force, and thought it looked stunning. Once I actually saw the perfume in person and smelt it - ah, amazing! I'm really considering spoiling myself and buying the perfume tomorrow - thoughts?

Leighton Meester for Lovestruck by Vera Wang - Photo coutesy facebook.com/verawangfragrances

What is your favorite perfume right now?


  1. OMG i LOVE leighton meester, she's SO gorgeous and I love her character on Gossip Girl. Blair is hilarious and dresses to kill! I actually used to collect different perfumes, I really like any of the tropical scents of the Escada line! =D


  2. I do too! She's my favorite, I love love Blair.
    Cassidy xxx


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