July 2013 Favorites

As I say every time I put up a favorites post, I honestly cannot believe that another month has come and gone. This time, it's even more dramatic as this will be my last month before starting a huge chapter in my life: university!! It's so crazy I can't believe it, much less think about it, so let's just get right on into my favorites for the past month (which is much more lighthearted).



It has been a while! I last popped up a post right before I left for London. I wanted to try to write up a blog post whilst away, but was so busy I barely had a minute to relax! Thus, I decided I wanted to simply write up a post on my experience in London and then post a huge haul!


Martha's Vineyard Days 3+4

My mantra for the last two days of my trip was sadly singing "rain, rain, go away" while skipping down the streets full of fog and clouds. Although it was pretty cold and windy, we were determined to make the most of this trip, even in the pouring rain.

After a late morning of board games, we decided to venture out bravely into the cold with sweaters and thoughts of warm to lunch. We were back in Edgartown and stopped for lunch in an adorable little cafe named "Among the Flowers". As all we wanted was warm comfort food, I opted for a classic grilled cheese, which was as warm and gooey and comforting as it looks.


Martha's Vineyard Day 2

Hey, everyone! I'm so glad that my last lifestyle post was taken well, so I decided to continue on and talk about my next day on the adorable (and my current favorite) island of the Atlantic. 

After crashing late and a bit tired from all the travel, we took the overcast morning to sleep in and take our time getting ready before going out for the day. We tried our absolute hardest to catch a bus to the center of Oak Bluffs as we were car-less due to our friends off at work, but when two buses drove by us with no indication they saw our waving, we decided to take to walking there ourselves. The walk was so lovely, even in the overcast weather, and we passed by some of the infamous colorful houses that make up the Vineyard.