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A new addition to my blog, Trendy Tuesdays, will introduce a new trend either this week, this month, or this season. It can range from music to beauty to fashion. I figured since this is a beauty blog, the perfect way to start this off would be a fashion trend.

Photo from vogue.com

Now, one slithering sweet trend this season has been snakeskin. I bought a pair of faux snakeskin flats that I know are going to look great this fall with my school uniform. I even worked up the courage to buy myself a small bag that has subtle snakeskin woven throughout. 

Personally, I'm not a fan of snakes. I have them living in my own backyard, yet the scariest day I'll ever remember is when one sneaky snake snuck into my basement. However, that being said, I am a huge animal activist and vegetarian; I don't like the harming of any animals for any matter. Overall, that's what I really love about this trend. Not only do I feel more confident walking around with the skin of one of the slickest animals on the earth, most of the python prints haven't hurt the animal! Snakes naturally shed their skin, providing a great resource to base shoes, bags, belts, and tops off of. 

The pedicure, shown above, was featured in the June issue of Vogue and is ripped out of my magazine, tapped to my wall. I thought that not only was the idea amazing, but seriously, it looks completely gorgeous. Of course, I don't have $300 to throw on a pedicure, but I can definitely make do and keep the python trend affordable with the $34 bag I bought from Coach and $18 flats from Old Navy. This trend doesn't seem to be fading as the snakeskin continues to be incorporated in new ways. I hope this post has inspired you to look for some python products! Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this trend and whether you'd take the plunge on that pedicure!

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