A Wishlist

Hey, everyone! Today I spent some time on Nordstrom making a wishlist of a few fall items coming to stores and thought I would share. Now, I love the fall and back to school shopping - just not in love with going back to school. I'm not dwelling on that right now, though, and trying to soak up the rest of the weather! Anyways, onto the list...

1. Smashbox 'Limitless' Dual Ended Lip Stain and Color Seal Bond. I've yet to try a lip stain, because all I've found is drugstore brands, and haven't found a color I love. However, the colors that are pictured seem nice, so I'm eager to try!

2. Marc Jacobs 'Oh, Lola!' Perfume. Just look at the packaging. Just look. That alone had me sold, and then when a magazine came in the mail the other day, it had a swatch of this perfume and it smelled just amazing! This is definitely at the top of my list to buy!

3. Burberry 'Lip Mist' Natural Sheer Color. No 03, Brown Sugar, looks gorgeous, and perfect for me! I've yet to own any Burberry make up, so I'm thinking this should be the first!

4. Dior Vernis 'Fall 2011' Nail Lacquer. Once again, I've never tried any Dior nail polish, but just look at this color! It reminds me more of a summer color, but I love to wear pink on my nails anytime as I'm so pale, red clashes with my skin tone!

All pictures courtesy shop.nordstom.com

5. Laura Mercier Corner Faux Eyelashes. These look amazing! Of course, as most people, I love the look of big and built-up lashes, and having lashes just on the side seems to give a more natural look without being as annoying to apply as single lashes are!

What are your must-haves for the fall? Let me know, I love getting new ideas!

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