Rachel Zoe's Debut Collection: Days 3+4

Yesterday I had to give myself yet another sick day, but I feel almost 100% today, I promise!

Today I want to go over Rachel Zoe's looks for Wednesday and Thursday. Personally I love love love love love the second look, but not a huge fan of the first.

Rachel Zoe - Available at saksfifthavenue.com
I don't completely despise this look, but if you watch the "runway" clip of the model wearing this outfit, I don't really like just how the pants come across. Nonetheless, I love the jacket and think it would look amazing with a nice pair of dark-wash jeans. I love a beige jacket, and the military style with gold buttons really does look gorgeous.

Rachel Zoe - Available at saksfifthavenue.com
When I saw this look, it only took a measly glance and I already knew I was in love. As Rachel Zoe said, " [sparkles] ... they're kind of my favorite thing ever." This cardigan is so cute, I love the white with black, it looks classy despite the risk of being trashy with so many sequins. And the blouse, well, it's already sold out. I know, I was upset too. The blouse is so gorgeous, right on trend for this fall.

Which of these looks do you prefer? Let me know!


  1. Rachel Zoe....good stuff! xoxox

  2. I agree with you! The second look is AMAZING - I definitely like the look more! Can't wait to see more of her collection! Thanks for sharing Cassidy!


  3. Thanks for commenting, girls! I just love this collection so far!
    Cassidy xxx


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