Silk, Sheer, and Sexy

Happy Friday, lovelies! I'm excited for a promising shopping trip tomorrow, so I figured I'd leave a lust-list I created while looking online for some specific clothes before shopping. One of the biggest trends this fall will be silk shirts. I'm so excited, because this is exactly my style! I've never been one for tight-fitting Abercrombie shirts, but love the looser, boho feel. Silk shirts are usually more loose-fitting and generally more comfortable and feel so much nicer than cotton. Plus they make you look amazing! Silk just seems to compliment everyone and can dress up a pair of jeans perfectly.

Also, this fall will have many sheer shirts. Silk shirts sometimes incorporate this look, or you can find some sheer button-ups that look amazing to throw over a pair of leggings. Right now I'm loving the oversized button-up sheer shirts that are slowly being sold in more and more stores.

Anyway, onto the gorgeous photos. Happy lusting!

Acne - $230 at Saks

BOSS Black - $295 at Saks

Equipment - $188 at Saks

Joie - $208 at Saks

Diane von Furstenberg - $210 at Saks
Equipment - $208 at Saks
Parker - $198

What are you all lusting over? Are you into the silk and sheer? Let me know below!


  1. omg... I am DROOLING! I WANT I WANT I WANT! =D I love different textures, especially silk! I've been looking for the perfect silk/sheer pieces as well... Have fun on your shopping trip tomorrow! =D You should post your findings =)


  2. I also love pairing different textures! Silk is sooo luxurious feeling while being super comfy...it can really change your mood!


  3. Wow lovely picks! these looks are so comfy and the colours are really lovely. Look at those jeans! They accentuate the legs so gorgeously :)


  4. I've been digging this trend for months!! Still need to get some of my own though ahha, love the post <3



  5. I've always wanted one of those blouses but am too afraid of their sheerness. A see through bra is a bad idea at work!

  6. Anna, I know what you mean! Need to find a way to wear these someplace like that; maybe a nice blazer or cardigan over it? And me too, Emily! Today, I finally bought one though, similar to the equipment shirt above! Erika, they really are! The whole outfit on all these looks are amazing! TLF, so true! It really does! Kim, thanks so much, I did have a good shopping trip today!
    Cassidy xxx

  7. great picks !
    Please check out my blog! BTW: I always follow back If you ask me to :)

  8. Thanks, SSFW! I like your blog!
    Cassidy xxx


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