Martha's Vineyard Day 2

Hey, everyone! I'm so glad that my last lifestyle post was taken well, so I decided to continue on and talk about my next day on the adorable (and my current favorite) island of the Atlantic. 

After crashing late and a bit tired from all the travel, we took the overcast morning to sleep in and take our time getting ready before going out for the day. We tried our absolute hardest to catch a bus to the center of Oak Bluffs as we were car-less due to our friends off at work, but when two buses drove by us with no indication they saw our waving, we decided to take to walking there ourselves. The walk was so lovely, even in the overcast weather, and we passed by some of the infamous colorful houses that make up the Vineyard.

After finally walking into town, we definitely worked up an appetite and desperately needed some brunch. We grabbed a bus into Vineyard Haven and found an absolutely adorable French restaurant on the outskirts of the main road called La Cave. I decided on a stack of pancakes, which the waitress excitedly wrote down and told us was the cafe's best meal. As soon as it came out, I knew I had made the right decision.

Of course, shopping has to be done. It's almost impossible not to fall in love with the tiny shops littered across the island, most of which are taken back generations in a family and filled with little trinkets that you can't help but think of a perfectly good place for back home, even when you know it's completely unnecessary. However, as the day was cloudy and cool, I knew I just had to treat myself and figured the perfect way to do that would be with a KJP bracelet. Nautical and classic, I chose to get a navy blue and gold, which will forever remind me of the trip and the Vineyard.

We then decided that some more walking would be for the best and off we went to some docks to simply watch the water.

After successfully walking off brunch, we went to see the amazing "Vineyard Sounds", an a cappella group who live on the Vineyard every summer and perform for rent. They sang for a full hour (classics and newer songs) to a small group of people and I couldn't recommend going to their performance enough. 

To top off the day, nothing sounded as good as a cone in Edgartown, so that's exactly what we did. I chose a chocolate monster of a frozen yogurt, it's exact name far too complex and chocolate-y for me to remember. And yes, it did taste as good as it looks.

Just what the doctor ordered! When the ice cream was all eaten, we headed home for bed and ended what was a great second day. 


  1. I want to go to all of these places! They look like dolls houses- so adorable! Had to follow your blog after this post :)

    Kathleen xxx


    1. Aw, thank you so much! I fell in love with the doll houses - wish one of them was mine! (:

  2. What a great recount! Sorry for the crappy weather we're having but if you need any restaurant and foodies recs, let me know! Have a fun time on MV!


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