Martha's Vineyard Days 3+4

My mantra for the last two days of my trip was sadly singing "rain, rain, go away" while skipping down the streets full of fog and clouds. Although it was pretty cold and windy, we were determined to make the most of this trip, even in the pouring rain.

After a late morning of board games, we decided to venture out bravely into the cold with sweaters and thoughts of warm to lunch. We were back in Edgartown and stopped for lunch in an adorable little cafe named "Among the Flowers". As all we wanted was warm comfort food, I opted for a classic grilled cheese, which was as warm and gooey and comforting as it looks.

After lunch, a walk along the pier and water was a must, as was (you guessed it) ice cream!

As I said, we were determined to make the most of the day, so off we went to the beach, which was.... not surprisingly... empty. However, as much as the fog greatly upset me, I couldn't help but notice just how beautiful it was. So peaceful and quiet, with the crazy waves reaching great heights before crashing.

After wandering the afternoon away, we somehow found ourselves hungry once more and in search of some food. We happened upon a local favorite, "Scottish Bakehouse". Known for it's gluten-free and organic goodies, I opted for some good ol' mac and cheese. Seriously delicious  we went off to Menemsha Beach to enjoy dinner. 

 Again, we decided the best thing to do would be to try to walk off dinner on the beach. Aquinnah Cliffs are a famous site and beach to visit at Martha's Vineyard. The clay cliffs are stunning and usually you're able to see a huge lighthouse at the end of it. Due to the fog, we weren't able to see the lighthouse, but the view was stunning nonetheless.

We concluded our last full day with my favorite part of the whole entire trip. Yes, I am going that far with it. Imagine your favorite food times a million. Imagine eating heaven. If you've been to the island before, you know exactly what I mean: Back Door Donuts.

Back Door Donuts is an infamous eatery that everyone is required to go to at least once when they're there. In Oak Bluffs, this sneaky little door is around the back of the real bakery in a parking lot. It opens at 7:30PM and is open until 1AM to give you plenty of time to go back for seconds (or thirds). There isn't much variety, which I think is nice, and gives you just the classic donuts. Glazed, chocolate, boston creme, powdered, and jelly are the basics on the menu, giving you plenty to choose from. My absolute favorite was the double chocolate. This is a chocolate cake donut glazed with chocolate icing. I honestly couldn't tell you my favorite part of the donut, as I loved the whole thing. Any foodie couldn't dare to disagree. Unfortunately, this is the only picture salvaged as the donuts were eaten far too quickly to take any decent pictures.

After a brief sugar high, off to bed we went to prepare for our last morning on the island.

As the weather was still playing bully, we all stayed bundled and headed off to a farmers market.

And then we were off! It was so sad to be leaving the island, especially as half the time the weather was not on our side. However, I had an amazing time and am already excited to be going back later on this summer.


  1. Sorry to hear about the weather, but those doughnuts look amazing!

    1. Ah, they were! Did I go on about them enough? Haha, so yummy!

  2. Looks like a great trip. Proves you don't need good weather to have a good time. The donuts look so good :)

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Such a good point! It definitely is true, I did!

  3. I've always wondered what Martha's Vineyard looked like!very cool posts!:)

    1. Thanks so much! It's super gorgeous, an absolute must-visit!


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