Martha's Vineyard Day 1

One of the best places on earth? A hidden treasure of shops, restuarants, cafes, beaches, and bikes. Martha's Vineyard is all of the above: a cute little island off the coast of Massachusetts, only 100 square miles of 7 tiny towns. However, in the summer more than 100,000 people cram into this popular island, myself now included. As I have a few friends staying here for the summer (and it only being a train, bus, then ferry ride away), I'm so excited to be taking a mini vacation here.

Yesterday I caught the ferry in, settling down easily for the 45-minute ride in the sun. 

Having arrived at noon with my friends, lunch was the highest priority, of course. We docked in Oak Bluffs, dumped our bags in my friends car, and headed off into town to find food. We ended up in a little restaurant called Linda Jean's. It's just as cute, cottage-y, and welcoming as it sounds. I helped myself to a veggie burger and eagerly tasted my friend's lobster roll, which was just as good.

Of course, no meal is done without dessert. After a bit of walking around, ice cream was calling our names; the perfect way to end any island meal. Mad Martha's is an ice cream chain over the Vineyard, boasting homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt. It's bright and happy, perfectly describing how most people are feeling while they're here.

After relaxing for a bit back at the house, we decided to venture out to a tiny strip of beach right next to the house. The weather was sunny, but a bit overcast, and the water was plenty warm for the hot temperatures. I fell in love with an abandoned boat by the water, even though it was a struggle and a half to get in!

Tired from the travels, we decided to stay in and make some pizzas for dinner. Cleaning up just in time for the sunset, we all piled into a car and drove to a lighthouse just down the road. The sky was stunning, just like you see in movies.

And that was how we ended the first day. I can't wait to keep blogging my trip, I hope you will all like it as well! This is my first attempt at real lifestyle posting, so here's hoping it's alright! 


  1. That is such a beautiful picture of the sunset. It doesn't look real!

    Also, that ice cream looks awesome :)

    Lucy x

    1. Thank you! It was so good! Melted fast, haha (:

  2. Really liked this post :) You should lifestyle blog more often :) X


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