Stila "Fill-Your-Palette" Palette

Dune - Starlight - Kitten
Oasis - Wheat - Golightly

Kitten - Starlight - Dune

Golightly - Wheat - Oasis
Happy Monday, everyone! I honestly can't believe that we're already into the second week of July. Where is the summer going? Over on Pinterest (HotMessInADress), I feel like everyone is pinning autumn outfits of big sweaters, leggings, and boots. In my head, every time I see one of those photos I internally panic and wonder why everyone seems so determined to hurry up and get through summer!

Besides that depressing topic, I was so excited the other day when a package came in the mail for me from Stila! At the end of June, I won one of their contests over on the Stila blog. The prize I won was a 6-pan refillable palette with 6 eye shadows of my choice! I was beyond thrilled to win this, and it finally arrived in the mail last week.

The palette itself is great and sturdy as it's a hard cover that snaps shut, which is great for travelling. I feel like the close is very secure and I wouldn't be worried about it opening and damaging the shadows. The palette is very sleek and small, too, so it's definitely more convenient than the Naked palettes. Unlike the Urban Decay palette, which is very bulky, this palette is very slim and doesn't even seem like it's a refillable. It reminds me of MAC palettes in that sense.

Of course, the eye shadows from Stila are the stars of this show, though. I chose six very neutral shades, which are what I get the most use out of. I just had to include the cult-favorite "Kitten", which I own in the smudge pot form, and is one of my absolute favorites. I was so excited to try the actual eye shadow form, and I can say I was not disappointed. Each of the eye shadows I chose are really great quality and perfect, shimmery nudes. The only matte color I chose was "Dune", while the rest are gorgeous shimmers.

I know that I will get plenty of use out of this palette, and I am just so excited that I got the chance to win this prize. Thanks, Stila!!

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  1. Love the neutral palette! These colors look great!

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  2. This is beautiful!!

    Sophie xx



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