Celebrity CopyCat: Olivia Munn

Photo Sourced Huffington Post

Photo Sourced Huffington Post

Happy Saturday, everyone! I just want to say sorry once again for the lag of posts this week, but I have just been so busy, it's crazy! I should be settled into a routine at this point, though!

One of my favorite posts to write are definitely the "Celebrity CopyCat" ones. I love searching the web and finding recent events that my favorite celebrities have attended and studying their style. Then, trying to find an alternative is just as great! Some are easy to find, while others take quite a bit of time before I'm happy with my result. 

My new favorite show that I've become obsessed with is The Newsroom, which is on HBO Sunday nights. When I say I'm obsessed with the show... I mean that in the most literal way. I love it! The show is truly addicting, along with all of the great characters and plot twists. Aaron Sorkin is a genius writer and they could not have cast any better than they did. Olivia Munn plays one of the main characters in the show, who is a sharp and smart economist. Recently, she has been doing her rounds on talk shows to promote Newsroom, showcasing different styles. My favorite has to be her look she wore at Jimmy Kimmel: a neon pink pencil skirt and sheer, lace top from French Connection.

I decided to recreate this look, but definitely struggled to find a similar top. However, I'm still pleased with the similar look I came up with!

olivia munn

What do you think of this look? Are you an Olivia Munn fan? Or, more importantly, are you a Newsroom fan?!?


  1. very pretty outfit!!


  2. I am in love with that show too! It's so good!!! Love this look!



  3. These finds are really good. Love the lace top xx


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