DIY Makeup Brush Holders

College is a funny place. Even though you have such a tiny little dorm with limited space, you still end up needing to buy a whole lot and spend way more money than you thought possible. In order to minimize this, I decided I needed to get crafty and work on some DIY projects to personalize my area while not spending an absolute fortune like I gladly could have. In the end, these makeup brush holders that I made are probably my favorite DIY that I did. They're now sitting happily on my desk at school, taking up so much room that my desk resembles a vanity rather than a proper working space. It appears I've got my priorities straight!

To make these makeup brush holders you will need:
-Glass or plastic containers
-Mod Podge
-Plastic beads
-Decorative stickers

I bought these four glass containers from my local craft store for only a few dollars each. I then chose some rose gold and navy blue glitter as that was the color theme of my room! Mod Podge is also a must for this project and I then picked up some decorative stickers to experiment with, like the silver stars you see and fleur de lis symbol. To add a bit more, I also picked up the sticker trims you see around the bottom of these.

The process is super simple and easy enough to make in a short amount of time!

1. If you want to do something like my blue star one, the first step is to place the stickers on the inside of the jar as you want. As you can see, I placed mine quite sporadically as I didn't want a ton of stars, but it is up to you! If you are going for a plain one, then skip this step.

2. Simply coat the inside of the jar in a thin layer of Mod Podge. Take it from me that you do not need a thick layer as it will only prevent the glitter from showing through. However, if you mess up, it's easy enough to wash out and start again! Once you have a nice, even layer throughout the jar, move onto the next step.

3. Put a piece of paper underneath your jar and pour in the glitter. Swirl it around and make sure that you get every inch of the jar! Once you're sure you are all set, tip the jar over and leave it to rest on the paper overnight. Some glitter will fall and you want to make sure it's not going to spill all over the place. Plus, you can easily deposit the loose glitter back into the jars with the paper!

4. If you want something like my fleur de lis one, this would be the time to take the sticker off. This part is a bit tricky, but I was happy with how it came out. It's a bit difficult as you have mod podge and glitter over the sticker, but if you take your time and carefully peel the sticker off, you'll be fine! You can also leave the stickers on, like I did with the star one. I originally wasn't planning to, but I loved the silver contrast of the sticker in the end!

5. Now is when you can get as fun and creative with it as you please. As it was so glittery and pretty, I decided I just wanted to line the bottom and be done. I bought these two different sets of trim at my craft store and it was easy to just stick them around the bottom. I think it added to the jars a lot!

6. The final step once everything is done would be to just add some plastic or glass beads into the jar and place your makeup brushes in! Voila!

I hope that this gives you some inspiration, as I personally love them! The containers came out beautiful and exactly how I pictured. They're now sitting on my desk with all of my makeup brushes in my dorm!


  1. I found your blog via Ana Celine and wanted to stop in and say hi! I really like your blog and am now following.

    The brush holders look super cute!



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